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Brandon Waite

AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect at the State of Indiana


With over 20 years of experience serving in strategic analysis and leadership roles, I’ve honed a unique blend of communication skills and technological expertise as a Solution Architect. My proficiency extends to AWS, Azure, DevOps, and AI, enabling me to design and implement cutting-edge solutions. My approach to risk mitigation and project management enhances operational efficiency and drives growth. Upholding high standards of quality, service, and ethical business conduct is at the heart of my professional ethos. In the fast-paced tech industry, I see continuous improvement not as an option, but a vital element of enduring success.




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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate


Amazon Web Services Cloud Practitioner



State of Indiana

AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect - Indiana Office of Technology

February 2020 - Present

Architected and Established the State of Indiana’s AWS Ecosystem

Infrastructure Leadership:

Took the helm in designing and deploying the State of Indiana’s AWS infrastructure, setting the foundation for future cloud-based initiatives.

Agency Collaboration:

Acted as the primary technical and business liaison, guiding agencies through the intricacies of AWS migration. This ensured that each migration was tailored to the agency’s unique needs, resulting in optimized performance and cost savings.

Strategic Cloud Roadmap:

Developed and implemented state-wide cloud strategies. These blueprints not only facilitated smooth transitions to the cloud but also ensured that the state’s digital assets were future-proofed against evolving technological landscapes.

Procurement Partnership:

Worked hand-in-hand with the state’s contracting and procurement teams. This collaboration ensured that every state department had unhindered access to the full suite of AWS services, as well as the expertise of affiliated partners.

Documentation Excellence:

Took ownership of creating a comprehensive set of project documents. From Statements of Work to Technical Design blueprints, every piece of documentation was meticulously crafted to provide clarity and direction for all stakeholders.

Big Data & Scalability:

Pioneered the development of robust big data solutions on the AWS platform. By leveraging services like Route53, EC2, S3, SNS, and RDS, I ensured that these systems were not only highly available but also scalable to meet the state’s growing data needs.

Deputy IT Director - Indiana Office of Technology

July 2016 - February 2020

Steered the State of Indiana’s Windows, Unix, and Operational Security Divisions

Holistic Management:

Assumed comprehensive responsibility for the strategy, management, and successful execution of the State of Indiana’s Windows, Unix, and Operational Security teams. This role required a balance of technical acumen, leadership, and strategic foresight.

Budgetary Oversight:

Managed a substantial $10 million budget, ensuring fiscal responsibility while overseeing a myriad of technical projects. This involved meticulous allocation of funds, tracking expenditures, and ensuring maximum ROI for every dollar spent.

Procurement & Vendor Relations:

Orchestrated the requisition of procurements, contracts, and statements of work, acting as the primary liaison between vendors and State workers. This ensured that all engagements were transparent, beneficial, and aligned with the state’s objectives.

Policy & Goal Setting:

Pioneered the development and implementation of departmental policies and objectives. A notable achievement was the revamp of the State’s server build process, integrating automation to enhance efficiency and reduce human error.

Cybersecurity Enhancements:

Elevated the State of Indiana’s external defense mechanisms by introducing geo-blocking, DDoS mitigation, and IP intelligence strategies. These initiatives fortified the state’s digital boundaries, ensuring data integrity and minimizing vulnerabilities.

Inter-Agency Collaboration:

Engaged proactively with every State Agency, playing a pivotal role in ensuring that business-driven application launches were executed flawlessly. This involved understanding each agency’s unique needs, coordinating resources, and ensuring technical compatibility.

Senior System Administrator - Indiana Office of Technology

October 2012 - July 2016

Senior Systems Administrator for FSSA’s Essential Public Assistance Platforms

Diverse System Management:

As the Senior Systems Administrator, I was at the helm of FSSA’s pivotal public assistance systems, encompassing SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, and Hip 2.0. This role required a comprehensive understanding of each platform’s nuances and the capability to ensure their uninterrupted operation.

Extensive Server Oversight:

Commanded the management and maintenance of an expansive array of over 500 servers. This vast infrastructure included the deployment and optimization of complex applications such as Oracle RAC, IBM Websphere, and Citrix Netscaler, ensuring they delivered peak performance consistently.

Performance Mastery:

Championed the zenith of performance tuning for these indispensable systems. Beyond just maintaining optimal operation, I also architected and implemented recovery strategies to ensure system resilience and rapid recovery in the face of potential disruptions.

Technical Expertise & Consultancy:

Recognized within the division as the paramount technical authority, especially in areas like system administration, security patching, and intricate system configurations. My counsel was pivotal in navigating intricate challenges and elevating the division’s technical capabilities.

Security & Compliance Leadership:

Spearheaded the meticulous configuration of our systems to align with rigorous standards such as NIST, MARS-E 2.0, and HIPAA. This entailed a blend of NetScaler proxy configurations, adept load balancing, and firewall setups, ensuring the division’s digital assets remained both secure and compliant.

Innovative Disaster Recovery:

Paved the way for the State of Indiana by developing its first-ever Global load site balancing configuration. This avant-garde initiative was a testament to proactive planning, designed explicitly to fortify the state’s disaster recovery mechanisms.

RCR Technology

Principal Technical Lead, Operations & Support

January 2009 - October 2012

Pioneering Leadership:

Directed the nation’s first large-scale Curam software-driven benefits determination system as part of Indiana’s $1.6B Eligibility Modernization Project.

Crisis Navigation:

Implemented swift solutions during prime contractor disengagement, ensuring project continuity.

System Deployment:

Oversaw 80% of Indiana’s expansive “Hybrid” system rollout, guaranteeing seamless integration.

Tech Modernization:

Championed the transition to state-of-the-art VoIP, desktop hardware, and software across all state offices, call centers, and partner sites.

Emergency Protocols:

Played a pivotal role in establishing state-wide disaster and emergency response mechanisms.

Collaborative Problem-Solving:

Identified and addressed cross-functional challenges, fostering synergy among project partners.

User Transition:

Seamlessly migrated over users to Indiana Domain accounts, centralizing access and bolstering security.


Enhanced document scan server strategies for a vast 5,000-user ecosystem and integrated vendor help desk solutions for quicker problem resolution.

Upgrade Oversight:

Proactively identified and addressed application upgrade challenges within project timelines.

Collaboration Hub:

Initiated a team-centric “hub” for streamlined communication and collaboration among all stakeholders.

Strengthened Alliances:

Fostered joint project accountability, enhancing partner trust and collaboration.

Technical Mastery:

Diagnosed and rectified Curam application issues across desktop, server, and development tiers.

Eli Lilly and Company

System Analyst

March 2008 - October 2008

Strategic Software Planning:

Conducted comprehensive software research, devised robust solutions, and orchestrated streamlined development process flows.

Collaborative Liaison:

Served as the pivotal bridge between engineers, IT professionals, and vendors, harmonizing diverse skill sets to achieve project objectives.

Cost & Design Analysis:

Executed meticulous cost evaluations and design considerations, ensuring optimal outcomes within stipulated timelines.

Software Implementation:

Rolled out innovative software for automated client installations, enhancing operational efficiency.

Server Upgrades:

Spearheaded the upgrade of mission-critical servers from 2000 to 2003, ensuring enhanced performance and security.

Documentation Excellence:

Instituted a new process flow for software application installation documentation, ensuring clarity and ease of use.

Application Migration:

Successfully managed the upgrade of 14 engineer software applications, ensuring seamless transitions with minimal disruptions.

User-Centric Process Development:

Crafted efficient process flows by actively engaging with end users, IT support teams, and application developers, ensuring solutions were tailored to real-world needs.